Why am I not receiving Push messages?

When you send out a Hybrid message and the Push message does not arrive, there could be several reasons. Please follow the next steps to identify the problem.

You have your app (with the Hybrid SDK) or the Notifire app installed:

  • Make sure you have your phone number verified. Without this process you are not able to receive push messages via our hybrid platform.
  • You allowed the app to receive push notifications on first time start. You can change this setting afterwards on iOS: Settings > Notifications > Your app. Or on Android: Settings > Apps > Select your app > Notifications. Make sure they are turned on.
  • Check your internet connection. In order to receive push notifications, you must have an internet connection. Push messages send in time you were offline are re-routed via SMS on Android. On iOS it will be delivered via push once you are back online.
  • If you have installed this app before, you removed it and now re-installed it. It can take up to 10 minutes for our system to switch from SMS back to Push.
  • If you haven’t used your app or Notifire for more than 7 days and you did not open the app when receiving push notifications, the system disables push until you open the app again. So try to open the app first and then try to send the push message.
  • If you still cannot receive push messages, please refer to the SMS logging tool to see why your message is not delivered or use the device status check tool in the App Manager. (login to CM platform > App manager > click on your app > scroll to “Device status” and type in the phone number.
Last modified on: 26/11/2017
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