Is it possible to send out messages to a segmented group of recipients?

With CERTA our customers are enabled to send out high volumes of Push messages in a short amount of time. They can use it as a broadcasting tool (send to all) or as a narrowcasting tool (segment the recipients). Therefore the message can be user specific, group specific or general for the total user base.

Our client can specify this by sending us the preferences, to be used for the message.

Note: Our client can decide on what preferences he wants to use in segmenting the recipients. These are based on the information requested from their end users to fill in when using the App for the first time.

Here are the segmentation options you have with our push system:

  • broadcast, narrowcast and unicast operation
  • possibility to register multiple filtering criteria (preferences) of textual, numeric, Boolean (true/false) or date/time format in order to send pushes to selected target groups based on these values
  • Involvement and location based is also supported.
Last modified on: 17/05/2018
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