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What is the App Messaging type?

The App messaging type is a parameter that defines how the Hybrid Messaging SMS Fallback will operate. You are asked to select your preferred messaging type when you connect you APP to the CM Platform. All the messages you send will use this set-up as default. But now you can overrule this PER MESSAGE in the API (see below).

Hybrid Messaging now allows you use different fallback-to-SMS behaviour in the same App. The HTTP Gateway now supports the appMessageType to set a specific messaging type per message.

By default Hybrid Messaging is using the messaging type you define in the APP Manager:

APP Message type | CM Help Center

However in the API you can now overrule the "default" messaging type per message. You can select one of the following options:


For bulk, marketing etc. Messages have unlimited lifetime (as long as the telecom or push service provides). If the user has the App installed we’ll deliver the message as a push notification even if the user is offline. The system will fall back on SMS to send the message only if the push message cannot be delivered (delivery status: failed i.e. no app installed or phone number not verified in the App).

SMS Fall Back: limited fallback behavior

APP Message type | CM Help Center


One Time Passwords, message lifetime is 30 seconds. If the push does not arrive and you manually decide to send an SMS to your end-user instead, the push message will be terminated to avoid double messages (this is a parameter you can define in the API).

SMS Fall Back: Manual fallback


Use this in case the messages are of extreme high priority. It guarantees delivery of your message with a SMS fall back when a push message is sent to a device and it does not respond to the push notification. i.e. app is closed or there is no internet connection.

SMS Fall Back: Automatic fallback if no interaction with the push message

Automatic fall back on SMS after 30 seconds to ensure the message is being delivered. This might result in double messages. (receiving both SMS and Push notification)

Last modified on: 11/08/2017
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