Any tips & tricks to optimize my campaign?

  1. Keep your audio message short and snappy

  2. Start your audio file with a short intro tune that does not include your key message. First reason: you can make your message instantly recognizable. Second reason: when your message ends up in someone's voicemail, the first few seconds of your audio file will get lost during the voicemail introduction message.

  3. Use a strong and recognizable speaker for your voice message. For example: an actor, your star player or trainer, an artist or a politician

  4. Don't send your campaign anonymously, your audience is much more likely to pick up the call if they recognize the number

  5. Use a recognizable Caller ID (Sender phone number)

  6. Combine your campaign with other CM channels, such as SMS and Landing Pages. A great flow for an optimal conversion rate is: Any tips & tricks to optimize my campaign? | CM Help Center
Last modified on: 04/04/2018
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