How does iDEAL-QR differ from the QR solutions that SNS bank and bunq currently offer?

A number of banks currently also use QR codes within their iDEAL handling process. QR codes are used here with a different purpose. By scanning the QR code of your bank on a desktop or laptop, the already started iDEAL payment can be completed on a smartphone or tablet. For the confirmation of the iDEAL payment is in most cases only the mobile pin code of your bank and no separate reader or token needed.

The iDEAL QR solution offered with the iDEAL app has another purpose: to start an iDEAL payment in a physical environment. The two solutions can not be used in combination with each other. This means that a QR code as used in the iDEAL process of SNS and bunq can not be read by the iDEAL app. In addition, an iDEAL QR code can not be scanned by the QR scanners that the banks offer separately.

Last modified on: 15/03/2018
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